Reduce My Costs for Employees & Dependents

Pay less in out-of-pocket expenses for procedures and tests. And get cash rewards.

At Harvard Pilgrim, we help you save money. Like with our voluntary Reduce My Costs program. If you’re scheduled to receive outpatient procedures or diagnostic tests, this voluntary program will help you find lower-cost providers. Plus, we’ll reward you for choosing to save money.

How Reduce My Costs works

1. Call 855-772-8366 whenever your doctor recommends an outpatient test or procedure such as:

  • Radiology (e.g.,MRI and CT scan)
  • Lab work
  • Mammogram
  • Ultrasound
  • Bone density study
  • Colonoscopy
  • Other non-emergency outpatient tests and procedures

2. You’ll speak with an experienced nurse who will:

  • Compare provider costs and inform you of the lower-cost providers in your area
  • Assist with scheduling or rescheduling your appointment and help with any paperwork

3. If you’re already seeing a lower-cost provider,you’ll receive a reward just for calling.**

4. If you decide to receive care from a lower-cost provider, you will earn a cash reward, depending on the service and the associated cost savings.

*Your health plan may require a referral and/or prior authorization before you receive services from the lower-cost provider. To ensure the services will be covered, please refer to your plan documents or contact Harvard Pilgrim at (888) 333-4742. Rewards are considered taxable income; please consult with your tax advisor. Massachusetts members may receive a maximum of five Reduce My Costs rewards per calendar year.

**$150 minimum savings for reward.

Live help

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