Meet Harlowe, The New Face Of Tandem Care

Red Cross Founder Lends Her Middle Name to Concierge Business Focused on Simplifying Health Care Choices

Health care support and patient advocacy provider Tandem Care, which specializes in connecting patients in need of treatment with low-cost health care providers, announced its completion of a major rebranding.

Starting next year, Tandem Care will fully rebrand to Harlowe. Key to that process will be the release of a completely reimagined website and smartphone app for Harlowe, both of which will support the company’s commitment to providing cost-effective health care solutions to individual health shoppers, employers, third party administrators, and health plan administrators and brokers.

“Successful health care experiences aren’t measured entirely in dollars and cents,” said Tandem Care CEO Lynne Wallace. “While our company continues its focus on reducing costs for patients, employers and health plan providers, rebranding as Harlowe highlights our renewed focus on the more human elements of the health care journey.”

Those elements include educating and supporting patients with the knowledge and resources they need to find the best care options at the best prices. To accomplish this, Harlowe connects health care shoppers with experienced nurses to guide them through the process of identifying low-cost providers.

As a bonus, Harlowe also offers financial incentives to patients in the form of a rewards program that puts cash back into patients’ pockets when they choose high quality, low-cost health care options.

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