Personalized Health Care Shopping Services To Empower And Reward Healthcare Consumers

Information and rewards for health care consumers.

Within your health plan’s provider network, the price of health care services varies significantly from provider to provider. Although your health plan has negotiated discounts with providers, the discounted price for a particular service is not the same for all providers in your network. The difference in price for the exact same service can be thousands of dollars.

So how can your employees find the best service at the best price?
Simple. Using your health plan’s paid claims data, Tandem nurses can:

  • Identify the low-cost providers in your network for outpatient tests and procedures.
  • Provide your employees and their covered dependents the cost and quality information they need to make informed health care choices.
  • Assist with all the paperwork and scheduling changes whenever a member chooses to switch to a low-cost provider.
  • Reward members who work with Tandem and choose low-cost providers.
  • Reduce your group’s medical costs.

Tandem Standard Rewards

Tandem’s standard rewards range from $10 to $75, depending on the type of service and the savings achieved. Tandem also has customized reward programs available for individual employer groups. When your employees call, the Tandem nurse will tell them about the rewards that apply to your group for their specific test or procedure.

Tandem invoices employers monthly for confirmed and paid rewards and will provide you with the information needed for tax reporting.



Success Matters:

  • "The idea is really very simple. Once an employer signs up for the service, employees are encouraged to call Tandem Care before they schedule their health care services. We will tell the employee which providers offer the best value for the treatment or procedure. If the employee chooses to use a low cost provider, the employee receives a cash reward. Our team of nurses will also help the member reschedule their appointment so that there is no delay in treatment."

    Eve Oyer

    President of Benefits Management

  • "People are astonished when they learn of the huge variations in prices from one provider to another in the same community for the same service. Insiders have always known about it, but the people who really need the information are the patients who may not know that they even have a choice between Hospital A or Hospital B, much less that the choice may involve thousands of dollars in savings. Our job is to give patients a reliable basis for comparative shopping, and then reward them for making smart choices."

    Eve Oyer

    President of Benefits Management

  • "The key to the Tandem Health Advantage Service is personalized service provided by a team of health care professionals. As nurses, we can cut through much of the red tape in the health care industry. We can help patients understand that they do have choices and the costs associated with those choices. Just as important, we can help an employee schedule an appointment with their provider of choice, make sure that medical records are transferred, and generally help navigate the patient through the system."

Don’t leave yourself subject to the same old health care solution.
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