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Information and rewards for health care consumers

With Tandem, it’s easy to be a smart health care shopper. Just call Tandem whenever your doctor orders an outpatient test or procedure. Tandem’s specially trained team of nurses will help you compare the cost and quality of health care facilities in your area. You save money and earn a cash reward when you choose a low cost facility. A Tandem nurse will even reschedule your appointment for you and take care of any paperwork required when you choose a low cost facility.

Tandem’s Health Advantage services are personalized to your group health plan and your medical needs. Price comparisons are based on your health plan’s negotiated discounts with your network providers. When you call to compare prices, a Tandem nurse will search your network’s most recent paid claims data to find the low cost providers in your area for the specific test or procedure you need. Tandem is a voluntary program. You decide where to receive your care. Tandem’s job is to be sure that you have the information and support you need to make an informed decision.

Here’s how it works.

Within your health plan’s provider network, the price of health-care services varies significantly from facility to facility. Although your health plan has negotiated discounts with many facilities in your area, the discounted price for a particular service is not the same for all facilities. The difference in price for the exact same service can be thousands of dollars.


Success Matters:

  • "Their service was excellent! Fast, easy. The nurse looked up everything quickly and she found a cheaper location very close to where I live. A couple of weeks later I received a $25 check which was very nice! I will definitely call again."


    Merrimack, NH

  • "This is great! I got a $75 check and saved a lot of money! The location I ended up going to was much more convenient. It was a win-win tri-fecta!"


    Newburyport, MA

Example of Health Care Price Variation

MRI: lumbar spine w/o contrast


Distance from Work

Facility A $485 19 miles
Facility B $546 5 miles
Facility C $624 2 miles
Facility D $916 15 miles
Facility E $1,477 3 miles
Facility F $1,838 18 miles
Facility G $2,106 24 miles

This example, for illustrative purposes only, is based on Tandem’s in-house data
which is comprised of actual claims information and third party sources.

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