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Helping Your Employees Get The Care They Need.

Tandem’s Concierge Nurses will provide your employees and their dependents the help they need to effectively navigate the health care system.

  • Identifying appropriate doctors and health care facilities, considering location, specialty, sub-specialty, unique expertise, and other factors important to the member.
  • Expediting appointments when needed.
  • Facilitating paperwork: compiling and transferring medical records and prescription information.
  • Improving communication and coordination of care among providers.

Our Concierge Nurses will also help your employees and their dependents make informed health care decisions.

  • Understanding an illness or injury.
  • Comparing quality of provider options.
  • Understanding and evaluating treatment alternatives.
  • Organizing and explaining medical bills and insurance payments.

Our Concierge Nurses will provide information, guidance, support and advocacy to:

  • Maximize outcomes by making smarter health care decisions.
  • Minimize the confusion, stress, distraction and time spent related to health care issues.

Concierge Nurse Services reduce employer costs by:

  • Avoiding unnecessary and duplicative health services.
  • Reducing absenteeism.
  • Increasing employee productivity.

Although Concierge Nurse Services are typically provided by phone, under certain circumstances, in-person services are needed. In person services may include:

  • Attendance at medical appointments with the member, when needed, to act as an advocate or to help member understand a complex medical condition.
  • Visits to assess the quality and suitability of medical facilities for skilled nursing, rehabilitation, long-term care, or specialized services.
  • Meetings with providers, family members, and care givers to discuss the needs of members with complex medical issues.

Our Concierge Nurses will also help to identify members who are appropriate for referral to health plan and/or employer resources, such as disease management and wellness programs, to ensure that awareness about all available options is being maximized.

Tandem will work with employers to create an employee training program tailored to the specific needs of your company which will promote increased participation by your employees and their dependents.

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