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Tandem's Concierge Nurses will provide you and your family the help you need to successfully navigate the healthcare system.

With the guidance and support of a Concierge Nurse, you and your family will get better care and have a speedier recovery. The extent of services provided by a Concierge Nurses will vary depending on your particular needs, but may include the following:

    • Expediting appointments when needed.
    • Compiling and organizing medical records in preparation for an appointment.
    • Reviewing and explaining the treatment plan that your doctor has prescribed.
    • Helping you prepare for medical visits, surgeries, and treatments by answering your questions or by assembling a list of questions for you to ask your doctor.
    • Coordinating services, facilitating referrals, arranging transportation and providing assistance with government programs when necessary.

Our Concierge Nurses will also assist you and your family in making more informed health care decisions by:

      • Helping you to more fully understand an illness or injury.
      • Comparing quality of provider options.
      • Helping you to understand and evaluate treatment alternatives.
      • Organizing and explaining medical bills and insurance payments.

Whether you are facing a new diagnosis, a proposed surgery, or simply need help finding a provider or getting an appointment, Tandem’s Concierge Nurses are here to help and support you throughout the process.

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