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Tandem Injury Management Services

Tandem offers a wide variety of professional nursing services to its customer base.
These services can be administered under our State of NH Managed Care Program or chosen a la carte to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Triage Services

Through our early intervention triage process the injured employee will be contacted by a nurse as soon as notification of the injury is received. This allows for immediate assessment of the injury and treatment needs as well as evaluation of any pre-existing conditions that may affect recovery. Following completion of the triage process, the case manager will offer recommendations regarding appropriate medical care and the need for ongoing case management.

Medical Case Management Services

Case management services can be performed either telephonically, onsite, or in combination, as the case warrants. Our nurses will assist the injured employee through the maze of medical care options to ensure that they are receiving the right care, at the right time and at the right price. In addition, the case manager will assist the employer in developing an appropriate return-to-work plan, ensuring a timely recovery with optimum results.

Life Care Planning and Medical Cost Projection Services

For more complex cases it is often helpful to have a medical cost projection completed to assist in establishing reserves for the claim. This service is most commonly used by the carrier/adjuster to ensure that they are fully prepared for the expenses that that can be expected for the life of the claim. Life care plans are used frequently by attorneys to assist in the litigation process when settlements are being negotiated. These extensive reports identify medical needs and the associated costs for the life of the patient.

File Audit and Utilization Review Services

When medical charges seem unusually high or treatment appears to be prolonged, file audits and utilization review can assist in identifying erroneous billing and/or excessive treatment. These services can provide assistance in reducing the amount due on a hospital bill or can provide the necessary documentation to end unwarranted treatment for a particular injury.

Provider Bill Review/ Bill Re-pricing Services

Tandem offers bill review and re-pricing services on workers’ compensation claims. Through the discounts included in its own managed care network and those offered through affiliation with many national networks, Tandem has been able to achieve an average reduction of 15%-20% on medical claim costs for our customers.

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