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Why should I utilize nurse case management for my workers compensation claims?

Nurse case managers can significantly reduce the duration and cost of workers compensation claims by guiding injured employees’ medical treatment and coordinating return-to-work efforts. The nurse can be the eyes and ears at MD appointments and can provide all involved parties with an update immediately following the evaluation as opposed to waiting weeks for the medical notes to arrive. Because of the nurse’s medical training, she is able to sort out pre-existing conditions and assist in keeping the MD focused on the work related injury. In addition, this training will allow her to identify any red flags that might appear both early on or as the case progresses.

What level of savings can I expect to achieve through the use of case management?

Through early intervention and utilization of case management services as recommended by our management team, Tandem has consistently offered a return on investment of at least 3:1 for all customers.

Why should I sign up for managed care in NH?

The only way to restrict where an injured worker treats is through participation in a State approved managed care program. Once a company has enrolled in managed care, their injured employees must treat with a provider in the managed care network.

How is Tandem’s MCO different from others?

Dedicated to Workers’ Compensation

  • Tandem’s MCO was developed solely as a workers’ compensation network, not adapted to W/C from a global health plan network as many are.
  • Tandem knows that not all of NH’s doctors are the best at treating and managing the issues specific to workers’ compensation.
  • Tandem has applied its experience and unique relationships to the network selection process, ensuring that chosen providers not only deliver optimum outcomes, but are also proficient in the delivery of care to injured employees.
  • Tandem’s nurses excel at identifying mechanisms for cost savings without compromising quality treatment and are able to secure safe and timely returns to work.

Nurse Owned and Operated

  • Operating since 2001, Tandem Injury Management is solely focused on managing both the medical and return to work aspects of workers’ compensation claims
  • Tandem provides clinical oversight of each claim by nursing management
  • Neither the owner, nor any of Tandem’s employees have any financial or personal interest in any of the network providers or facilities
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