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Who is Tandem Injury Management

Tandem is a State of NH approved managed care organization offering employers a cost-effective solution to their workers’ compensation challenges.

Since 2001, Tandem has grown to become an emerging leader in outsource solutions for workers’ compensation injury management. The key to Tandem’s success is its unique ability to deliver optimum results for its customers through effective early intervention, case management, and return to work strategies.

Our care model

By focusing on its relationships and experience, Tandem has developed a unified team approach to case management. This approach is embraced company-wide and recognizes that crucial success factors include exemplary service to all customers, early intervention and resolution, and relationships based on mutual respect.

Tandem’s reputation has become well-known in the local medical community and, as a result, our nurses are able to benefit from that reputation, affording them timely access to all the services our patients require. This access, combined with the care management model employed by Tandem, ensures that all patients receive the right care at the right time at the right price, securing excellent outcomes not only for our patients, but also for our customers as a result of decreased lost work days and overall cost savings on each claim.

In case management, each case we encounter is unique and often requires a creative solution. Our nurses are encouraged to think outside the box and demonstrate that creativity and open-mindedness with regard to both medical and return to work plans, offering options that might not otherwise be identified.

While high case manager case loads are the industry norm, Tandem has always embraced the philosophy that caseloads need to be manageable. Our nurses have very low caseloads compared to the industry average. This allows them to devote the time they need to each file. Instead of putting out fires, they can be pro-active and manage the case, not just “case monitor”, which is what often happens when case loads are too high.

Communication remains a key component of our success. At the start of each case we clearly state what our expectations are from every involved party and what they can, in turn, expect from us. We have found that through this model both our customers and our patients are happy with the outcomes and that our results exceed the abilities of our competitors.

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