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Did you know that the costs of medical tests and procedures often vary widely with no significant difference in quality? SaveOn helps Harvard Pilgrim members find lower-cost, conveniently located participating providers for outpatient medical tests and procedures and then pays you rewards for choosing to save money.

With just one phone call, you can SaveOn medical care and earn cash rewards when you choose a lower-cost, Harvard Pilgrim-participating provider identified by experienced nurses. And if you’re already seeing a lower-cost provider, you’ll still receive a reward just for calling.*


It’s your choice
SaveOn is voluntary and available to you and any family members on your health plan for covered outpatient diagnostic tests and procedures.

Examples of potential savings per service

Colonoscopy screening Range: $855 – $2,572
Potential Savings: $1,717
Common routine labs Range: $125 – $410
Potential Savings: $285

Ranges based on Harvard Pilgrim’s data in the Massachusetts/New Hampshire region. Actual service prices vary by provider.

SaveOn’s Rewards

If you call SaveOn before having an eligible outpatient test or procedure and you choose a low-cost provider, you may receive a cash reward.  The amount of your reward will depend on the type of test or procedure you have and the amount you save by choosing a lower-cost provider.  Reward amounts vary by employer group.  When you call SaveOn, a nurse will tell you the amount of your reward.

How SaveOn works

1.Call (855) 7SAVEON (855-772-8366) whenever your doctor recommends an outpatient test or procedure such as:

  • Bone density study
  • Colonoscopy
  • Lab work
  • Mammogram
  • Radiology (e.g., MRI and CT scan)
  • Ultrasound
  • Other non-emergency outpatient tests and procedures

2. SaveOn’s team of nurses lets you know if there are any lower-cost, Harvard Pilgrim-participating providers available in your area. They can even reschedule the appointment and help you with any necessary paperwork.

3. Choose one of the lower-cost providers, have your test or procedure and earn a reward. Reward amounts depend on the service and the associated cost savings. You’ll receive your check in the mail after Harvard Pilgrim processes the claim, typically about 45 days after you receive your Activity Summary.*

You and your health care dependents can call every time you require eligible tests or procedures. You may receive a maximum of five SaveOn rewards per calendar year.

* Reward payments are considered taxable income.

For more information:
(855) 7SAVEON (855-772-8366)
Harvard Pilgrim’s SaveOn Member Page